56 Addiction Quotes, That Will Help You in Recovery

‟Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you. It’s the cage you live in.” — Johann Hari

‟The problem with addiction is that it never gets better; it only gets worse.”

‟Addiction tries to trick you into thinking that you are in control, but really, it is the addiction that is controlling you.”

Addiction Quotes

‟I have an addiction to making the wrong decisions.” — Lady Gaga

‟Addiction is an illness that destroys the life of the addict and those around them.”

‟Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside.”

‟Addiction should never be treated as a crime. It has to be treated as a health problem. We do not send alcoholics to jail in this country. Over 500,000 people are in our jails who are nonviolent drug users.” — Ralph Nader.

Quotes About Addiction

‟Addiction is a family disease. One person may use, but the whole family suffers.”

‟Addiction is a disease, and it doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.” — Demi Lovato

‟Addiction is a disease of isolation and loneliness.”

‟Addiction begins with the hope that something ‘out there’ can instantly fill up the emptiness inside.” — Jean Kilbourne

Short Addiction Quotes

‟Addiction takes away your power of choice and puts you in a prison of your own making.”

‟Addiction is a way of trying to get at something else. Something bigger. Call it transcendence if you want, but it’s a rat in a maze. We all want the same thing. We all have this hole. The thing you want offers relief, but it’s a trap.” — Tess Callahan

‟The road to recovery starts with the first step of admitting you have an addiction.”