Thought of the Day

18 Thought Of The Day For Students & Thoughts Quotes For Kids

Always Have a “Unique” Character
Like Salt.
It’s Presence is Never Felt.
But, It’s Absences Makes,
All Things Tasteless.

When I was a Child,
I was Afraid of Ghosts.
As I Grew Up I Realized That,
People Are More Scary.

Sometimes We Need Fantasy
To Survive The Reality.

When Things Change Inside You.
Things Change Around You.

People Are Good,
Until Bad Things Happen to Them.

Don’t be Afraid of Losing People.
Be Afraid Of Losing Yourself
Trying To Please Everyone
Else Around You.

Thought of the Day

Be Careful…
How You Treat People.
What You To Do Others
Has a Funny Way Of
Coming Back To You.

Never Approach a Bull
From The Front.
A Horse From The Rear or
An Idiot From Any Direction.

It’s Fine To Fight For
Someone Who Loves You.
It’s a Waste Of Time To Fight
For Someone To Love You.
There’s a Huge Difference.

A Person’s Most Useful
Asset is Not a Head Full Of
But, A Heart Full Of Love,
An Ear Ready To Listen And
A Hand Willing To Help Others.

What We See Depends
Mainly On What We Look For.

People Say…
A Good Heart Always Be Happy.
But I Think, A Good Heart
Most Of The Times Get Hurt
Badly, Because It Expects Only
Good Things From Others.

When a Man Makes Money,
He Feels Like He Wants
More Women.
But a Women Makes Money
She Feels Like,
She Doesn’t Need a Man.

People Ask Me, Why It is
So Hard To Trust People?
The Real Question is:
“Why is it So Hard For People
To Tell The Truth”.

Be Heartless.
Because This is Wrong
Generation For The People
Who Have Good Hearts.

Never Blame Anyone in
Your Life.
Good People Give You Happiness.
Bad People Give You Experience.
Worst People Give You a Lesson.
Best People Give You Memories.

Laugh With Many. But
Don’t Trust Any.

The Heaviest Burdens That
We Carry Are The Thoughts
in Our Head.

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