Success Quotes

16 Success Quotes or Best Motivational Quotes For Life

Life’s Real Failure is,
When You Do Not Realize
How Close You Were To Success,
When You Gave Up.

If You Want to be Successful,
You Must Respect One Rule-
“Never Lie to Yourself”.

Don’t Tell People Your Plans
Show Them Your Result.

Every Great Achievement
Starts With The Decision to Try,
And The Confidence to Act.

Your Direction Is More Important
Than, Your Speed.

Success Quotes

Note Matter How Many
Times You Have Failed.
Just Don’t Stop Till You Succeed.

Work Hard in Silence,
Let Success Make The Noise.

Your Discipline Dictates
Your Success.

Successful People Never Worry
About What Others Are Doing.

If You Can’t Handle Stress,
You Can’t Handle Success.

Rules Of Success –
Never Lose Hope.
And Keep On Working.

A Success Can Kill Many

Working For Success
Will Make You a Master.
But, Working For Satisfaction
Will Make You a Legend.

Slow Success Builds Character.
Fast Success Builds EGO.

Slow Progress is Better Than
No Progress.
Stay Positive And
Don’t Give Up.

Be Ready To Fail.
Because Only Then
You Are Ready To Succeed.

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