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12 Quotes of the Day Inspirational, Motivational & Funny

Don’t Raise Your Voice.
Improve Your Argument.

The Day That Break You
Are The Days That Make You.

You Can’t Force Someone to Respect You,
But You Can Refuse to Be Disrespected.

Some People Want it to Happen.
Some Wish it Would Happen.
Others Make it Happen.

You Are Always Being Presented
With Two Choices-
Evolve or Repeat.

Quotes of the Day

The Same Boiling Water
That Softens The Potato
Hardens The Egg.
It’s About What You Are Made Of
Not The Circumstances.

Sometimes You Have To
Accept The Fact That Certain
Things Will Never Go Back To
How They Used To Be.

Don’t Be Impressed By
Money, Followers, Degrees
And Titles.
Be Impressed By Kindness, Integrity
Humility And Generosity.

No One Notices Your Tears.
No One Notices Your Sadness.
No One Notices Your Pains.
But, They All Notices Your Mistakes.

Who Ignored You
While You Needed Them.
And Who Helped You Before
You Even Had To Ask.

Don’t Force Someone To
Remember You All The Time.
Just Stay Silent And Let Them
Realize How Will They Be Without
You in Their Life.

One Thing Society Must
Understand is-
“Marrying Late is Better
Than Marrying Wrong”.

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