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23 Life Quotes, Happy Life Quotes & Sad Quotes About Life

Life is too Short,
to be Unhappy.

Not All Storms Come to Disrupt Your Life,
Some Come to Clear Your Path.

Trust The Timing of
Your Life.

If You Can Change Your Mind,
You Can Change Your Life.

“Life is a Book”
Every Day a New Page.
Every Month is a New Chapter.
And Every Year is a New Series.

Life Quotes

One Bad Chapter
Doesn’t Mean Your
Story is Over.

Some People Come in Your Life,
Just to Teach You How to Let Go.

Sometimes in Life,
You Just Need a Hug.
No Words, No Advice
Just a Hug To Make
You Feel Better.

To Succeed in Life
You Need Two Things-
Ignorance And Confidence.

Stop Expecting. Start Accepting.
Life Becomes Much Easier.

Best Quotes About Life

Empty Pocket Teaches You
A Million Things in Life.
But, Full Pocket Spoils You in
A Million Ways.

Never Go Search of Love,
Go in Search of Life, And
Life Will Find You The Love You Seek.

I Don’t Need Everybody in My Life.
I Just Need Few People Who Truly
Understand Me.

The Best Life Stands On The
Verge Beyond The Comfort Zone.

The Quality Of Your Thinking
Determines The Quality Of
Your Life.

A Hungry Stomach, An Empty Pocket
And A Broken Heart Can Teach The
Best Lessons Of Life.

People Come And Go
In Your Life. But,
The Right Ones Will
Always Stay.

Togetherness Teaches Us
What is Love?
Loneliness Teaches Us
What is Life?

Life Has Taught Me One Thing.
You Can Be Important To
Someone’s Life. But,
Not All The Time.

Life is Full Of Surprise.
Never Expect An Easy Road.

The Life That You Are
Living Now, is Also a
Dream Of Millions.
So, Always Be Satisfied
With Your Life.
Be Happy in Every
Moment Of Life.

On This Road Called Life,
You Have To Take Good With
The Bad, Smile With Sad,
Love What You Got And
Remember What You Had.
Always Forgive But Never
Forget, Learn Form Your Mistakes,
But Never Forget People Change.
Things Go Wrong, But Just
Remember…The Ride Goes On.

Life Can Be Full Of
Unexpected Things,
Either Happy or Sad.
But, No Matter What Happens.
Just Keep a Loving Heart,
A Wise Mind And Strong
Faith in God.
He Will Always Be With Us
Through Our Journey Of Life.

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