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12 God Quotes & Best Quotes on God

In The Race of Life…
When You Run Alone,
It’s is Called Race.
And When God Runs With You,
It’s Called Grace.

People May Hurt Your Heart.
But, God Will Heal Your Heart.

The Road I Have Traveled
Has Not Been Easy.
But, I’m Still Here.
The Only Reason I’m Here Today is
Because God Was Walking That
Road With Me Every Step Of The Way.

Everyone is Beautiful in
Their Own Way.
Because, God Makes
No Mistakes.

Be Happy…
With What You Have.
While Working For What
You Want. Remember…
A Happy And Successful Life
Begins With God And Ends
With God.

God Quotes

Those Who Leaves Everything
In God’s Hand.
Will Eventually See
God’s Hand In Everything.

When Sadness Fills Your Heart.
When Tears Flow in Your Eyes.
Always Remember Three Things-
1. God is With You.
2. Still With You.
3. Always With You.

Stop Holding On To People
Who Don’t Care About You.
It’s Ok To Be Alone, Until
God Sends You The Right People.

Whenever You Don’t Understand
What is Happening in Your Life.
Just Close Your Eyes, Take a
Deep Breath And Say :
“God, I Know It’s Your Plan.
Just Help Me Through It”.

Today I Just Want To Thank
God For The Gift Of Life.
No Complaints, No Request.
Just Thankful To Be Alive.

Rule Number One-
Don’t Forget God When
You Get What You Have
Prayed For.

I Am Not Strong.
But, I Have Strong God
Who Protects Me Every
Moment Of My Life.

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