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13 Best Quotes and Sayings of All Time

No One is Perfect.
That’s Why…
Understanding is So

Everyone In This World is Going
Through Their Own Struggles.
So, Don’t Judge People…
If You Don’t Know Their Story.

Born Poor is Not Your Mistake,
Dieing Poor is Your Mistake.

Humanity is Greater
Than Status.

Do Not Judge by Appearances.
A Rich Heart May Be Under a Poor Coat.

Best Quotes

Someone Who Takes The
Time To Listen When
We Are At Our Lowest is
Rare And Should Be Valued.

Distance is The Real
Instance Of a True Bond.

Never Let Your Failures Get To
Your Heart, And Never Let Your
Success Get To Your Head.

Sometimes People Pretend
You’re a Bad Person.
So, They Don’t Feel Guilty
About The Things
They Did To You.

A Clear Rejection is Always
Better Than a Fake Promise.

Never Hate Anyone.
But, Distance Yourself
From People, Who
Not Value You.

Stop Waiting For Things
To Get Better And
Do Something To Make
It Better.

When People Walk Away
From You, Let Them Go.
Your Destiny is Never Tied
To Anyone Who Leaves You.
And It Doesn’t Mean They
Are Bad People.
It Just Means That
Their Part in Your Story
is Over.
-Julia Roberts

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